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Youth Needs your Support........

O Lord, instill in the young a special love for each other.

A 10 year old boy was blackmailed for $50 by five boys who threatened to tell his parents he was smoking. Two of the boys took the money from the lad over a period of months and used it to hire taxis and to buy air pistols, jackknives and cigars. They used the rest of the money to buy lemonade and candy for their friends. Three of the boys were placed on probation, two were granted conditional discharges and all had to repay the money.

Every human being born into this world is capable of great good or great harm. The better side of young people is often neglected or taken for granted with the result that soon they slip into evil habits that handicap them for life. Our aim should be to bring out the good implanted in the hearts of them. There God has written the law. He expects all men to follow.

Above all else, God wishes us to love our fellow beings, not to fight with them or to take revenge on them in any way. Jesus Christ was sent from heaven by His Father to teach this lesson anew to men of all nations. Much remains to be done before His mission is completed. There is something that you can do as an instrument of His love.

If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples.  (John 13:35).

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